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  • Over 200 ways to save money on housing, transportation, monthly bills, personal expenses, wellness, and more!
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Modern Frugal Living is a foundational step to achieving financial freedom and helps you achieve all your financial goals faster.

Pay off Debt Faster

Get quick wins that build your confidence and momentum to pay off debt.

Save Your Emergency Fund

Have a safe foundation to weather financial storms.

Take More Vacations

All while creating a life you don't need a vacation from!

Invest More

Have the extra cash you need to max out tax-advantaged investing accounts.

Do Work You Love, Regardless of Pay

Stop wasting your time working for a paycheck and start working for a purpose.

Our Personal Invitation To You

We've been hosting Frugal Friends Podcast for over four years and we are still convinced that frugality is the easiest first step to getting organized and your reaching your financial goals.

After two million downloads of our show, we know you believe it too!

The Modern Frugal Living eBook is packed TO THE BRIM with ways to get started. We know once you see the quick wins you can make with frugality you'll be motivated to do more.

So start with us and let's see how far we can go together.

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