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Information is easy to find. Community is a bit more difficult.

It’s easy to find information on Google and YouTube. There's no shortage of online courses and books for any topic you might want to learn about. You don’t need more knowledge for knowledge’s sake, you need to set up your lifestyle and community to support implementation.


Club BFF was designed to help you transform the way you spend, even if you already consider yourself frugal. It will lead you on a path of self-discovery so you can spend within your unique values, shop more ethically, and do it alongside a supportive community.

Develop Your Core Values

Stop feeling deprived or as if you’re “missing out" when saving. Explore the things your spending says you value, make a plan to spend within the value you want to live in, and give up spending in the areas that, may be good, but are holding you back from great.

Break & Build Healthy Habits

Stop justifying little purchases over and over and over again! Get to the root of your impulse and emotional spending by identifying your habits, exploring their root causes, and making a plan to replace them with healthier habits.

Simplify Your Home & Finances

Learn where to put money and how to prioritize your unique saving goals. Declutter and simplify your home, spending, earning, investing and more. Design a lifestyle that not only brings you joy but is sustainably manageable!

Find Your People

Find your tribe and stop worrying about social media “friend envy” (IYKYK.) There are people out there working toward the same goals as you. Find them here and elevate every part of your journey.

“I was terrified to open my eyes to finances in general. I am so thankful to you gals for opening my eyes and showing me it doesn’t have to be so scary.”

— Frugal Friends Podcast listener

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What's included in Club BFF?

The Experience

6-Week Challenges
For 6 weeks you'll focus on one area of your spending and/or lifestyle to refine your habits and mindset about that area. These challenges are not all-out exhaustive challenges, they're challenges in doing less, opting out, and focusing with intention. Over the course of one year, you'll complete six challenges with us that will help you find the internal motivators that will make reaching your financial goals a joy instead of a means to an end.

Book Club
Book club is back baby! Every challenge will have an optional accompanying book that will dive deeper into the topic. Then we’ll read and discuss the book during the challenge and in the wrap-up call. These books will give you boatloads of wisdom for overcoming the fixed mindset that has you saying “I can’t this” and “I can’t that” and adopt the mindset that has you asking “how can I?”

The Support

Kickoff & Wrap Up Calls
Group calls with Jen and Jill for every challenge to discuss your goals, ask questions, and get insight from other members. The topics of these challenges are high-level but there'll be ample opportunity to fully understand them!

Expert Q&A’s
Stop feeling like there's something you’re "missing" in terms of financial literacy. There are no secrets, just finding what works for you. And to do that we’ll have a Q&A call with an expert in the field we’re talking about around the midpoint of each challenge. You could see experts in motivation, habits, easy cooking, identifying marketing tactics, and more!

As a BFF you'll get a free workbook or planner for every challenge. These are JAM-PACKED with worksheets, templates, journaling prompts, and more. One day you could be journaling about your core values and the next you'll be calculating the actual numbers for how much you should be putting towards retirement and other financial goals to maximize your resources. There's no doubt you'll find them useful long after the challenge ends.

The Community

Private Discord Group
It’s like access to a private group chat with Jen, Jill, and dozens of your most frugal friends. We’ll have different rooms for different topics and even a “mindful scroll” room to replicate the experience of your FB news feed (without the temptation of your friends from college) and a lounge where you can video or audio chat with fellow BFFs at any time of day!

Speed Accountability Partnering
Community and vulnerability are essential to ending the vicious cycle of Inconsistency with your spending and saving. Get to know more of your new BFFs and have the opportunity to connect with a smaller accountability group during our speed dating events for accountability partnering!

We only plan on adding more so you'll never see a discount on this again!

Get The Founding Member's Discount Through July 25th

$348 Per Year

$175 For One Year (50% off!)

or $21 per month (25% off)

Club BFF is Not Your Average Membership Community

Club BFF is Not

Monthly courses
A new template every month
Access to a budgeting app

Club BFF is

Intentional self-discovery
A guided workbook for every challenge
Access to a committed community

What's our goal with this?

Our hope is that through these challenges you’ll have a more solid foundation and more confidence when it comes to controlling your spending and increasing your income. You’ll go from planning a budget to actually implementing your budget through knowing your core values, your authentic minimalism, how you want to contribute to sustainability efforts, how to get creative with less, how to optimize your earning, and more.

And we hope you'll stay with us for longer than a year! these are deep dives you could take every 6 weeks for the rest of your life and still learn something new about yourself every time! And every time you'll find a better balance between enjoying life now and being sensible for the future!

Challenge yourself to do better.
Become a BFF.

We're kind of making this group for ourselves but it's nothing without you! Join us on this journey of financial and self-improvement!



We've got A's for your Q's

How many hours will I need to invest every week?

As much as you want! You can take what you need and leave the rest. Every challenge will have 3 live Zoom calls, a workbook with a ton of reusable templates and guides that will be useful long after the challenge, an optional book to read, and discussion in the Discord app. You can dive into everything in light seasons or just the community in busier seasons. No pressure to do it all. And you’ll always have around 2 weeks to decompress between each challenge.

I’m already frugal, why should I join this?

Because frugality is a journey and people evolve. You’re never done learning about yourself and you should never be done looking for ways to improve your life. We know a good deal of frugal people who, upon learning more about their values and spending, realize they were frugal out of a scarcity mindset, not intentional choice. So if you haven’t done the work of intentional self-discovery, it's a must. We’re just providing a safe space to do it.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yep! We would never want to see you go but as long as you email us with your intentions before your next billing date you won't be charged for the next month or you can get your money back for any unused months.

How long will I have access to the content?

You’ll be able to access each challenge’s call recordings until we run the challenge again, which will typically be annually, and the workbook will be available to download for free while the challenge is running.

Commit to yourself and a community of likeminded explorers.

$348 per year

$175 for one year (50% off!)

or $21 per month (25% off)


Club BFF is perfect for you if

  • You consider yourself frugal but want to be more intentional with your spending and earning.
  • You can’t seem to stick to a budget no matter how hard you try.
  • You’re new to your financial goals and want support that you’re not getting locally.
  • You love the idea of a positive, supportive community, who you can invest in and will invest right back in you.
  • You make an income that covers your basic needs but you never seem to have any leftover to put toward financial goals.
  • You’re motivated by challenges and want to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone.

If any of those resonate with you we can’t wait to welcome you to Club BFF!

We are thrilled to be your guides on this journey.

We’re Jen and Jill, hosts of the Frugal Friends Podcast. From the beginning, we’ve always valued connection and belonging over a high net worth. That said, we do love money. Jen is a personal finance writer and Jill is a licensed social worker with a penchant for saving.

Our unique talents and our shared passion for frugality have grown Frugal Friends Podcast to almost 2 million downloads and pushed us to start a community where we could go deeper with those in our community who want to make big changes in the way they handle money.

Club BFF is our effort to “go deeper vs wider” because when you focus and commit to people you can see greater change than just spreading a message far and wide. If you want to see greater change in your life we’re excited to connect with you inside Club BFF.